Concrete Crack Repair

The use of carbon fiber staples is an effective approach to permanently fix poured-wall basement cracks, when used in conjunction with an epoxy injection polymer. The tensile strength of cured epoxy is typically 7000 psi whereas the tensile strength of concrete is in the range of 300 - 700 psi; clearly, the bond strength of epoxy is much greater than that of the foundation wall; making epoxy a good choice for foundation wall structural crack repair.
Polyurethane foams harden very rapidly (unlike most epoxies) and are less likely to flow out the back of some cracks as epoxies may. The cure time associated with polyurethane does vary, even among crack injections using the Epoxy Injection same formulation. Crack injection concrete repair can be completed using air guns, hand-actuated delivery systems, spring- or balloon-actuated capsules, or single- or dual-component injection electric or air-driven pumps.
The injected epoxy typically cures within 5 hours and bonds the two sides of the crack together in addition to filling the crack through the entire thickness of the foundation wall (typically 8″), thereby sealing the crack permanently because the crack essentially no longer exists; this is the ultimate concrete crack repair.

Vector Construction offers installations with a wide selection of specialized materials for architectural precast panels, underwater, low and high application temperatures, high structure temperatures, chemical and radiation resistance, large voids, narrow cracks, plate bonding, wooden beams, and structures subject to vibration during installation.
While epoxy crack injections are not as versatile as polyurethane crack injections , for example, the repair of actively leaking cracks contributing to a wet basement, the use of epoxy is nonetheless a very effective means of repairing concrete cracks and preventing potential basement leaks.

Goes on like 'Spackle', but five times stronger than concrete, and has 4 times the bonding power to concrete vs. mortar type crack repairs. They can be repaired by filling with Portland cement grout. Since 1979 Akton Injection has specialized in the repair of concrete and concrete block foundation cracks.
Concrete poured during high daytime temperatures will contract as it cools during the night, this can be sufficient enough to cause cracking if the concrete is restrained. The two component epoxy resin forcibly seals horizontal structural cracks and provides reinforcement to the cracked area to become more robust than the un-cracked area surrounding it.

Just give us a call and our team of foundation repair specialists will work with you to find the best product and most cost effective method to achieve a successful, permanent foundation repair. If epoxy is injected while the crack is leaking, the water seepage might actually create channels through the epoxy, creating leaks in the new repair.
In this method, mixtures of grout may contain cement and water or cement plus sand and water, depending on the width of the crack. Most cracks develop within 30 days of the concrete being poured, whether or not leaking during this period. Spencer says the only time contractors don't seal a slab is when water is already flooding the basement through the floor cracks.
Do not allow epoxy to block the port or the crack under it, this is where epoxy must enter the crack. As a consequence, the formerly cracked area has strength exceeding that of forces that would otherwise cause the repaired area from opening outwardly. Both Epoxy resins and polyurethanes are sensitive to water.

Note: The strong epoxy bond is often cited as a negative attribute of epoxy crack injections due to its rigidity. Unfortunately, crack injection is only viable for poured foundations. It is during this step that epoxy resin is injected into the foundation crack. We can take care of both interior and exterior foundation cracks We understand that there are wall crack repair kits sold at your town's home improvement stores, but the materials inside are nowhere near as effective as what we can provide for you.

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