What Are The Meanings Of The Various Visions In The Book Of Zechariah?

The visions of Zechariah renew the Abrahamic promise to post-exilic Israel—God intends to bless Israel so that all nations might be blessed. Gazing through my tears, seeing the Lord's people thus transformed from filthiness to cleanliness, and from shame to beauty, I think I should have said, Now, Lord, finish the work; make that servant of thine to serve thee; as he is perfectly clothed, now, Lord, put on the mitre, and make him fit to do thy work.” Some of God's people appear to me to forget this.
Haggai lays down the mind of God to the people more plainly in direct and downright terms; Zechariah flies a higher pitch, abounding with types and visions; and is therefore worthily reckoned among the abstrusest and profoundest penmen of Holy Scripture… We pass from dark prophecies to that which is much more dark” (Trapp).

And this is the problem with the prophetic; I am using this case as an example, but usually when I get visions or dreams like this one I do not tell them to anyone, and many times they turn out to be just that, a vision or a dream without any worth, yet other times they come to pass, and I can only pray.
Chapter 8 is a collection of ten oracles in two sections - seven in the first (8:1-17) and three in the second (8:18-23) - with each oracle introduced by the general wording "So says the LORD of hosts." Chapter 8 also connects to the themes of chapters 1-6, the earlier prophets, particularly the eschatological blessing of Jerusalem and the nation's pilgrimages to it, and, because these themes are well developed in chapters 9-14, it's easy to see the hinge that this section is in connecting the first half with the second, amalgamating the book as a whole.
Now, for those of you that have been following us as we have studied various portions of the Bible you will remember when we studied the life of Gideon, not too long ago, that Gideon had an encounter with the angel of the Lord and in that encounter it was revealed that this angel of the Lord was really the Lord.

But if one reads the parallel passage in Luke 17:36,37, when Christ says one will be taken, the disciples ask, "Where, Lord?" and He replies, "Where the body is, there will the eagles be gathered." (not taken to heaven, but the dinner of the vultures at the end of the world, Revelation 19:17.
And so somehow, this man who has been coming for years to this Church has never actually taken hold of what the Sunday-school members I suspect mostly grasp, which is that Jesus died for me on the cross, and that is how I can be forgiven and right with God.
These visions may have multiple applications, and in this case, there is an application also to spiritual Israel, the church in the Gospel age, in the words of verse seven, Deliver thyself Zion, that dwellest with Zechariah Vision the daughter of Babylon.” During the Gospel age, true Spiritual Israel was captive in Babylon until Jesus returned, and the call to the daughters of Zion to come out of Babylon went forth (Revelation 18:4).

Why, those believers who live nearest to God and have the deepest experience of divine things will tell you they have given up that dream long ago, they never expect to be perfect except in Christ Jesus, and never to be complete in themselves but only to be complete in him.
Prayer Our Heavenly Father we come to thee through the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ we thank thee that thou are the great and powerful Lord of the Universe thou art the God of Heaven and therefore, the affairs of earth take place within thy will.
They came back into the land they began the temple, that was their chief purpose in coming back, but after a little while because of indifference and also some opposition they abandoned the construction of the building; in the meantime they constructed for themselves very lovely homes, Haggai makes reference to this he was the other prophet of the return, in the first chapter of his book.

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